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SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: Make sure your volume is turned up. Do / Did you hear music on this page?:

Yes, I hear / heard music on this page.
No, I do not / did not hear music.

SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: Open this sample video from Google Video in a new window. It is a sample Tribal Council video from Virtual Survivor 7: Pearl Islands. Videos like this will be used frequently in Virtual Survivor 8: All-Stars. Are you able to view this video?:

Yes, I can view videos hosted by Google Video.
No, I cannot view the video.

How did you hear about Virtual Survivor 8: All-Stars?:

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Sending a color photo of yourself is required for game play. Please send the highest quality* photos you have with cropping room around your head. The best photo(s) will be used in your Player Profile.
Please use photo(s) which show your face clearly. Photos must be of you. No photos of celebrities or Survivor contetants will be accepted.

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:

* The combined total size of all files cannot exceed 2MB, sometimes less based on your compression settings. For larger photos, or for more than 3 photos, please follow the directions on the following page after your application has been submitted. Please send color photo(s) with room for cropping around your head.

**NEW** Optional Enhanced Video Content **NEW**
Starting this season, Virtual Survivor will feature some video content on the player profile pages of the game website. Player profiles will feature "audition tapes", confessionals (on display only after the game), Tribal Council votes (on display only after the game), and "Final Words". Participation in the video content is optional. "Audition tapes" are only for entertainment and will not affect the casting process.

I have a webcam or another method of uploading videos online: Yes No
If yes, I am willing to submit an "audition tape", confessionals, Tribal Council votes, and "Final Words" by video (in addition to website submissions) as requested throughout the game: Yes No

Players under the age of 18 must get parentel consent to send any content, video or otherwise, as part of the game of Virtual Survivor. Content will not be censored or edited, so all players are reminded not to send any personal contant or financial information. Video content will be available to the public on the website during and/or after the game. Each video attachment can be up to 20MB or hosted on an external website.

Please write a biography about yourself (in the third person) that will appear on your Player Profile.

Take as much room as you like:

Please choose your Virtual Survivor Passwords

Your ACCESS password will allow you to access restricted areas of the game not accessible to the public.
This password is NOT secure and should not be a password you use anywhere else on the internet. A hacker could easily find this password. It is only meant to keep the public out of Challenges and Tribal Council.

Access Password: Verify Access Password:

YourPERSONAL password will log you into your account, and will be sent along with any Challenge score or Tribal Council vote to verify identity and prevent fraud.
This password should be different from your ACCESS password and is also NOT secure. The host will frequently use this password to change settings in your account.
*** Your PERSONAL password must be at least 6 characters ***

Personal Password: Verify Personal Password:

Email Address:

Verify Email Address:


Win a cash prize!

Players selected for Virtual Survivor may compete for a cash prize of up to $50.00 US. However, only players that pay the optional entry fee will be awarded a cash prize if they are the winner. You are welcome to play for free, but if you decide to play for money, please read our FAQ section about entry fees and prize money.

The optional entry fee to qualify for a cash prize of up to $50.00 US is $10 US. An alternate cash prize of up to $25.00 US is available to players who opt to pay an optional entry fee of $5 US. The winner is responsible for all postage and/or fees associated with collecting and/or distributing the prize money, such as PayPal fees.

Please select an option below:

I would like to play for money. The entry fee is $10 US for a prize of up to $50.00 US.

I would like to play for money. The entry fee is $5 US for a prize of up to $25.00 US.

Please send me more information on playing for money. I am under no obligation.

I would like to
play for free.
I will not be
eligible for a
cash prize.

Additional Options

Please leave any other comments in the field below:

Limited Terms & Conditions

Google Services
The features of accounts are powered by Google, and players should be familiar with Gmail (with embedded chat), Google Calendar, and Google Docs. Other features may require your participation in additional services during the game. Services chosen will be available free of charge.
I agree to become familiar with the features and functions of these services, as they are required for game play.

Commitment to the Game
Past games of Virtual Survivor have sometimes lasted 2-3 months. But unlike other online Survivor games, Virtual Survivor works around players' personal lives. Challenges are not "live" and do not require entire tribes to be online together at the same time. Live chats can be arranged by players at their discretion, but are not required as part of the game. Players who are voted out are expected to remain active members of the game since twists might be around every corner, and members of the Jury are expected to follow along with the game and choose a winner at the end.
I agree to remain active in the game and committed throughout the entire process.

Game Content & Underage Players
Player interaction and some other content is determined by the players themselves and is not censored or moderated. Therefore, applicants who are under the age of 18 must have their parents' permission to play Virtual Survivor. All players, regardless of age, are reminded that care should be taken to avoid sharing information of a personal nature, including (but not limited to) contact information or financial data.
I am over the age of 18 or have my parents' permission to play Virtual Survivor.

Entry Fees
Players will not be told who is playing for a cash prize by paying an optional entry fee unless a player willingly discloses this information to others. This will help keep the game fair. Payment of entry fees and cash prizes is handled by PayPal unless other arrangements are made in advance. Entry fees are non-refundable after the game starts and getting voted out is a risk that each player takes when they play Virtual Survivor. Entry fees are optional and the cash prize will never exceed the total amount of entry fees received. All transactions are us US Dollars.
I agree to the terms of entry fees and cash prizes.

Language Requirements
Virtual Survivor is conducted in English, and players are expected to read and understand instructions written in English. Languages other than English may be used from time to time as the basis of Challenges. Players must agree to participate in English, unless stated otherwise in a Challenge.


Other Terms & Conditions
Site features are tested using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 browser. Download Firefox for best results, although other browsers may work. Each challenge will have its own set of rules which will be explained. If a player fails to vote at Tribal Council, a penalty may be issued, up to and including removal from the game. Game play and rules are subject to change at any time with advance notice. Due to the nature of the game, all disputes must be settled by the Host, whose decision is final and not subject to reveiw. If selected, players are expected to follow through until the end of the game for the enjoyment of all players. Your commitment to the game is a must.
I understand the game setup, which can be reviewed in the FAQ section, and I agree to all terms and conditions of Virtual Survivor.

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