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New Castle, NH

Austin Sutherland is a man among boys. He is only in his freshman year at Colby College, but he's practically running the place (pretty much like how he's gonna run the game of Virtual Survivor). Austin has been made an HR (basically an RA) this Spring even as a freshman because the college administration saw his leadership potential, making him only the second freshman in Colby history to get the position in the spring. Austin LOVES to sing. He is a crucial member of his all-male a cappella group, the Colby Eight. He has already had two solos this season, even though he is only a freshman! He is also in the Gospel Choir and sang the solo for "Oh Happy Day". Austin loves reality TV and owns almost all the seasons of Survivor and Big Brother, as well as 24, Prison Break, Lost and more. He's such a TV fanatic that has a whole dresser full of TV seasons that he has probably spent over a thousand dollars on. It's pretty ridiculous! In fact, Austin is looking to pursue a career in television production. He's going to use the $50.00 US he wins from this game to buy five meals of Pad Thai over the course of the semester. If allowed, his luxury item would have been a pitch pipe. His birth date is March 19, 1989.
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