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University Student
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Final Words Video

"Wow. This game was amazing!  I enjoyed every minute of it! I would like to thank the host for putting together this fantastic game and unique cast. I am truly honoured to be awarded the title of Sole Survivor of Pearl Islands season 7. To KJ, you are truly an inspirational person. I was soo happy to sit next to you in the end. Throughout the whole game I continued to say 'How is KJ still here? becuase you were targeted soo early. Yet you managed to make it to the end. I thank you for everything. To Jessie, you are one of the most wonderful person I met in this game. Thank you for your friendship. To Johnny, I wouldn't have been able to do this without you lol. You are the toughest competitior I have ever played with! To Nicolas, I am so happy to have had you on my side. Don't take anything personal I said or done, I hope we can still be friends. To Austin, if things were different I think we could have made a really great team, thanks for being so determined and never giving up. To Devyn, Jeffery, and Earl, I wish I would have had to got to know the three of you better. I hope sometime we will be able to compete with eachother again :D To the rest thanks for making this game so awesome! To all who voted for me thanks! Don't take anything personal, it's just a game and it's over! Thanks again to the host! and good luck to players in future seasons!"


Current Popularity Rating: 86% (Popularity Poll)
Status: Sole Survivor
Tribe: Morgan, Balboa
Challenges won: 5
Total Votes Against: 2
Trips to Tribal Council: 10
Elimination Votes: 8
Virtual Survivor Slip-Up: "Since I ended up winning, maybe I didn't have a slip-up but it came close many times. Wether it was giving away my Immunity and staying by only 3 points. Or maybe floating a little too under the radar that no one could really see my game."

Episode Brentin's Votes    Votes Against Brentin   
1 Morgan Tribe Immune
2 Morgan Tribe Immune
3 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 Earl    -   
8 Jeffrey    -   
9 Devyn    -   
10 Austin    -   
11 Nicolas    -   
12 Johnny    Jessie, Johnny   
13 -    -   
Austin, Earl, Jeffrey,
Jessie, Johnny


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