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Seaford, NY

Jeffrey Kelly grew up in a suburban area of Long Island, NY having also spent a short time in Ireland before he could even develop memory. He lived in a two-story home with his parents and brother, eventually being joined by his grandmother in the eighth grade. Kelly also lives with his dog (a black lab named Midnight) and a newly born kitten. He excels academically in school, having recently applied to join both the National Honor Society as well as the World Language Honor Society for his achievements in French. He has a GPA of 96 out of 100. Outside of academics, Jeffrey is an adamant reality TV fan and frequently goes to the movies to quench his film obsession. He is also very engrossed in the culture, language, and history of many East Asian societies. Kelly also enjoys musical theatre. If allowed, his luxury item would have been a calendar. His birth date is April 9, 1992.
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