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Ottawa, Ontario


Final Words Video

"Well I'm glad the game ended for me at my own hands rather than someone elses. I'm out of the game because I could not perform in a challenge; plain and simple. I'd like to congradulate Brentin on beating me in the tie breaker. The challenge was mentally exhausting and ultimately did me in. Jessie, thank you so much for staying loyal to me the entire game, even right to the very end! I'm sorry I could not pull through and win the challenge like I hoped. The games not over for you and you can still win this thing! Don't give up, and don't let Brentin or KJ trick you. Despite what they may think, you are a very smart player and have played the social aspect of this game well. KJ, amazing job at convincing Brentin to give you Immunity. Your good, very good. I didn't fall for your crap but Brentin did. You ultimately have the best shot at winning this game. You had the oportunity to get to know the exDrake jury members, where Brentin and Jessie did not. It's a wonder your still in this game, you've done absolutely nothing other than win immunity once, which was a totaly fluke because the rules were so unclear! You have not have stepped on anyones toes, which may work to your advantage if you make final 2, but when it comes down to it you've played a pathetic game. You sucked or didn't even bothering doing 3/4 of the challenge how does that merit you a spot in the finals? Brentin, great job on the tie breaker challenge. I'm not sure of your mentality behind your plan. You had a guarenteed final 2 with me and had everything stuck to the initial plan we'd both be sitting at the end. You would have probably won too! Now you'll have to fight for final 2 and it won't be easy because KJ has a fire under her ass now! Along the way I had to screw over a ton of people over to get us to the end. Mainly Nic (but if everything went according to plan I would have had to screw KJ and Jessie too). I would have gladly sat at final 2 with you and lost and still felt like we had won. You had other plans; you wanted to make yourself look like a master stradegist (mainly thinking this would help you win the jury vote in the end) by blind siding me which ultimately didn't work. Instead you pulled one of the stupidest moves in survivor history and ALMOST ended your game. You don't come off as the master stradegist like you hoped but instead come off as a moron who was sheeped by KJ. The truth in the matter is that your not the greatest player either. You were my puppet most of the game, whatever I wanted happened and despite what you think we did not make decisions together, I made them on my own. The were two things that you ultimately decided on your own and that would be turning on me in an atempt to get me out and changing the pecking order of Devyn/Jeffery to Jeffery/Devyn. So have you really played the better game? I'd like you guys to know that my jury vote will go to the person who answers my jury questions (and there will be A LOT) best. My vote is very much up for grabs desite the fact I have a sour taste in my mouth for two of you. With that being said I'd like to wish the three of you the best of luck. I'll see you at the final TC."


Current Popularity Rating: 93% (Popularity Poll)
Status: Voted Off 5/8/08
Tribe: Morgan, Balboa
Challenges won: 7
Total Votes Against: 2
Trips to Tribal Council: 8
Elimination Votes: 7
Virtual Survivor Slip-Up: "1) Losing to Brentin in the Tiebreaker Challenge... 2) Trusting Brentin from Day 1... 3) Voting out Nic..."

Episode Johnny's Votes    Votes Against Johnny   
1 Morgan Tribe Immune
2 Morgan Tribe Immune
3 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 Earl    -   
8 Jeffrey    -   
9 Devyn    -   
10 Austin    -   
11 Nicolas    -   
12 Brentin    Brentin, K.J.   
Brentin    -   


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