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Ottawa, Ontario

Johnny Colatruglio is a 19 year old university student, currently living in and attending university in Canada's capital, Ottawa, Ontario. He is known for being a reality TV show junkie and can easily recall challenges, twists, and timelines of any season of Big Brother or Survivor. Outgoing, opinionated, confrontational, and argumentative are just a few of Colatruglio's more notable characteristics, yet he's still very approachable and easy to get along with, and he easily makes friends with everyone he meets. He is very intelligent and determined, and he strives to be the best at everything he does. Nothing can stand in his way when he sets his mind to something. Without a doubt, Johnny will surely be involved in some sort of drama or argument and be a force to reckoned with. His hobbies include swimming, playing soccer, shopping, dancing, watching movies, and chilling with friends. If allowed, his luxury item would have been a gold necklace. His birth date is March 31, 1988.

2015 UPDATE:
Johnny has been cast as a Houseguest on Big Brother Canada 3! Check out his official Global TV Bio and his Facebook Fan Page.

#BBCANJohnny  #BBCAN3  @BigBrotherCA
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