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Professional Athlete
Eden Hills, CA

Mikaela Short is a nice girl, but she can be nasty when needed. She wants to come into this game with an initial strategy and play it the whole way through. Short has watched Survivor for years and thinks it will be amazing to play Virtual Survivor. She has read up on past seasons and thinks she has what it takes to be the Sole Survivor. She wants to play her best and play hard. Short enjoys many things in life and she wants to help others who aren't so fortunate. If she wins this game, she would like to donate her prize money to kids who are suffering in poverty. She pushes herself in every aspect of her life and makes everything a challenge. She has always said to herself, "Nobody can beat me until I die". Her hobbies include shopping (she considers herself the Olympic champion of shopping) and professional sports such as volleyball (she is a state representative in volleyball and hopes to compete for the USA one day) -- she is gradually becoming better and better every day. If allowed, her luxury item would have been mascara. Her birth date is January 11, 1991.
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