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Airport Worker
Nantes, France

Nicolas Besnault is 30 years old but looks a lot younger. He is from France and works at an airport. He is gay and is currently in a relationship with Simon. He also has two cats. Besnault is a big fan of Survivor, and dreams of playing in the French version. His favorite player is Todd, since he played exactly the same way that Nicolas would. It's because of him that Nicolas would to whatever it takes to get cast in the show. He feels like the game was made for him. Besnault describes himself as strategic, loyal, and honest to the people he trusts, but very bitchy with the people he hates. If he says "trust me", you can trust him. But if he doesn't say it, don't trust him. He's here to win but in a loyal and trustworthy way. His hobbies include watching Survivor, spending time with his boyfriend and his friends, listening to music, watching TV, and going to the movies. If allowed, his luxury item would have been a picture of his boyfriend. His birth date is August 4, 1977.
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