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Whitby, Ontario

Sara Zammit is a fourth year biology student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She is hoping that after the completion of her B.Sc., she will go on and take Radiation Therapy or Nuclear Medicine Technology, and currently lives with her parents in the town of Whitby, just east of Ontario, Canada. She loves playing and watching sports, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs. In her spare time, Zammit likes to hang out with her friends and hit the gym. She is known to be outgoing, fun, and very personable. She is hoping that Virtual Survivor will be a chance to make more friends and gain experience. Zammit dreams of one day starting a family and having a great job as a radiation therapist. In her spare time, Zammit likes to go to the movies with her friends, or going out on the town. If allowed, her luxury item would have been a hairbrush. Her birth date is October 6, 1986.
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