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Singer / Songwriter
Peoria, AZ

Zachary is a college student at Northern Arizona University pursuing a major in Psychology. He is actively involved in the Lutheran Campus Ministry, the Executive Hall Council for his dorm, Men's Chorale, and the music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha. Peterson is currently in the running for the position as Resident Assistant and has made it to the final round. He loves to sing and has written fifty-five original songs. Peterson has been a fan of Survivor since the beginning. His favorite survivor that he compares himself to is Michelle Yi from Survivor: Fiji, as both are very energetic, enthusiastic, and morally genuine. He believes that his photographic memory and magnified sense of empathy will be great assets in the game for both the tribe and himself. He enjoys singing, acting, reading, songwriting, and going to church. If allowed, his luxury item would have been a songbook. His birth date is December 5, 1988.
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